Terms of Service

Suspension & Termination Rules

●  If you are downloading files from your server to PC then download 1 file at a time. More than 1 file is not allowed.
●  Use maximum 2-3 tabs for using your Rapidleech.
●  Use maximum 10 connections (10 files at a time) for remote uploading files to filehost’s.
●  Do not use more than 1 rar/unrar, zip/unzip and merge/split at a time.
●  Do not share your account login with your friends and family.
●  Use maximum 5-7 transload at a time for downloading files to server from filehost’s.
●  Do not use your server as a download server, image hosting server and other things like sharing your files to public which allows them to download the files from your server, download files to another server or their own PCs.
●  Over and Over use of downloading and uploading files which is same as abuse is not allowed.
●  Insulting Admin or any other staff in support ticket, in advertising website or in chat is not allowed.

If you break any of the above rules your account will be suspended with/without prior notice for 24 hours. If you continue to break our rules for 3rd time your account will be terminated with/without prior notice and without refund.

SparklingHost TorrentFlux Rules

● Do not download more than 2 Torrents at the same time. If you download more than 2 torrents, your TorrentFlux will be suspended.
● We don’t offer seeding.
● TorrentFlux don’t support UDP tracker (Public Torrents like piratesbay, kickasstorrents, etc.) download, other trackers (Private torrents) work fine. So, read TOS carefully before buying.

Downloading & Uploading Speed Limitation

●  All users are allowed to download files from their servers to PC. But maximum 4 Connections are allowed in IDM download connection.
●  We never limit the download and upload speed. Fast or slow speed depends on filehost’s server speed. We are not responsible for speed issue.
●  Our Server is located in Netherlands. So if you get slow download or upload speed from USA or any other places filehosts, we will not be responsible for that.

Some Account Using Rules

●  Your files will remain in server for 120 hours after transloading.
●  Plugins may break anytime. So fixing plugins time is not fixed. You have to wait for it.
●  If anything goes wrong with your account just contact our support center or live chat, we will not reply your questions in any other contact source.
● Unauthorized access such as Cracking or Hacking activities such as accessing other user account without proper authorization, brute forcing and other similar activities are strictly prohibited and are penalized under Information Technology Act 2000.
● Using of Harmful software (ex. VIRUS) that cause damages to the SparklingHost’s Computer hardware and software will lead to Immediate Suspension of service.
● Cyber crimes against Government: Cyber Terrorism, Distribution of pirated software, Possession of Unauthorized Information are against law and is strictly not allowed in any of the Hosting Services.
● Use of SparklingHost Services to store and transmit of child pornography is a severe crime. The Client is the Sole responsible for the content and is subject for the Punishments as per Law.

Downtime Rules

●  Due to urgent or scheduled maintenance server may down anytime with/without prior notice.
●  Server may down anytime due to hardware or network fault of Server or Data Center. This is undetermined. So compensation in billing days may be given or not. Users can’t force us.
●  Users DNS caching problem is not countable in downtime rules.

Privacy Policy

●  This policy covers how we use your personal information. We take your privacy seriously and will take all measures to protect your personal information.
●  Any personal information received will only be used to fill your order. We will not sell or redistribute your information to anyone.

Subscription Rules

●  All the packages including addons are not automatically recurring.
●  Before 7 days of due date invoice will be generated for next month. If customer wants then can pay the invoice for another month. Otherwise, we will not charge the money from clients balance automatically.
●  Pay the invoice for next month asap if renewal is needed. No extra days will be given for paying within 5 days for suspended services.
●  All unpaid invoices will be cancelled after 5 days and suspended service will be fully terminated.

Refund Rules

●  24 hours refund policy is possible if any of the rules is not stated above.
●  We will not allow a single second for refund after passing 24 hours.
●  Refund will not be given for breaking the rules we stated above.
●  If we cannot give your server details within 24 hours of buying.
●  Refund will not be given without any reason.
●  Opening a dispute in PayPal/Paymentwall without contacting us is not allowed for refund.

Affiliate Rules

● 20% Affiliate earning.
● You must have an active connection to request payout. Otherwise, your affiliate will not be counted and log will be deleted.
● We check all affiliate profile strictly. If we found own account creation for affiliate income or same type of IP then affiliate will not be counted and log will be deleted.
● Minimum $5 Payout via PayPal, Webmoney.

* SparklingHost.com has the right to change the TOS anytime with/without prior notice to their customers.

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