About Us

Our Rapidleech Hosting Company

SparklingHost.com is a Rapidleech Hosting company. Our primary mission is to provide the highest quality service at the most affordable price possible. We believe that besides for uptime, technical support is the most important aspect of our rapidleech hosting company and when it comes to technical support, we strive for highest perfection. Our support team will respond to your support tickets within 24 hours, usually within the first 6 hours. You will never experience this kind of support from others. We also believe that the better service we provide, the higher chance our customers will refer new customers. Therefore, it’s in our best interest to do so.
SparklingHost was founded in July 2012. We currently have servers located in world class datacenter WorldStream B.V. all over the Naaldwijk, Netherlands.

Our Network

Without a reliable network, even the most stable server in the world would be useless. Realizing that the average service uptime is directly related to network reliability, we have selected some of the finest servers in the Netherlands to operate our business. With network connectivity of dedicated 1GBPS you will experience the highest speed ever experienced before.

Why Choose Us?

Superior Hosting Uptime:  The network we house our servers in has a 12 years track record of 99.99% uptime.
Affordability:  Our rapidleech hosting plans were designed with affordability in mind. For as low as $5/month we provide you with all the resources you would ever need to work with your uploading facts.
Dedicated Support:  Technical support is our highest priority. In the unlikely event that you are having problems with your account, we have support technicians staffed around the clock 24 hours a day/7 days a week to assist you with your problem. We are always available at Skype and Google Chat to give you instant support without creating tickets.

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